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Life Hack : Hand towels

Moving house is a great time. It gives you time to start a fresh, refocus and declutter yourself and feel more organised.  For me most things have gone well and i have found workable solutions to other problems. One of the silly house hold things i have struggled with is the hand towel for my bath room.

When i first moved in i bought some temp hangers and popped it up and hey presto i had a hand towel in my bathroom and the endless battle of keeping the towel off the floor began. If it wasn’t falling off the hook by itself it was taking the hook off the wall all together. It was driving me potty and then i came to me while sorting through a bag of stuff. Baby Towels!

Baby Towels usually come with built in hoods to help keep our little ones warm and dry. It was when i realised this that i had my light bulb moment . Use your baby towels as your hand towels. So basically the hack is to just suggest using a baby towel because the hood of the towel provides you with an easy way to hang up the towel. I did this and i now have no more towels on the bath room floor. It always amazes me that something so small and insignificant in the long scheme of things can have such a satisfying impact on a personal life.


Thankyou for your time

LilBlu xx

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