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Daily Blog : Goals

I started this blog as a way to document a journey of self improvement from rock bottom and goodness me, what a journey it has been so far. My aim was always to do this in a way where it would be more informative than self indulgent and I really hope i have managed to maintain this. You see it all the time where a blog becomes a place for venting and expressing one-sided views and opinions and that is what i am trying to avoid. I am intending on posting daily, a variety of different content from life hacks to testing positive thinking. If you do have any ideas for things you would like to suggest please pop it in the comments below 🙂 So as a new month starts i am going to test if setting goals is a good way to focus our minds and help motivate us along our journeys.

Just as it is easy to become complacent in a bad, toxic environment it is also possible to become comfortable as things start to improve. Both will have us bobbing along dreaming but not really doing anything about those dreams. Its times like this that goals can be really beneficial. Our minds are all individual so it is important to remember the key to making this work is finding the best route for you. My mind set is happiest if i have a clear starting line. For example a new week, a new month to set goals in. Which is why having a new month about to start is so appealing to me. I am sure there is something in taking the ‘seize the day’ attitude but i’m not sure i am quite there yet but i must admit it is something i think worth adopting. But im running off on a tangent!!

Teaching yourself to set goals is not actually that hard and it is something i started while at my lowest point of depression, so if you are reading this thinking that life is too hopeless to work for you, it is possible. I have been there and believe me there is always a little spec of hope, you just need to keep searching and find your way to get yourself out of your complacency.

How would you start to do this?

This is totally up to you, it is your journey after all but if you would like a suggestion for a starting point, i would recommend lists.

List One: Things you want to change.

List Two: Your long team goals

List Three: The first steps (no matter how small) that you will take from List one to list 2.

You can then review these and keep setting regular goals as you achieve the small steps. It basically gives you a way to recognise what is wrong, a way for you to keep focused on the bigger picture and keep you motivated by using small steps to complete the journey from the bottom to the top (list one to list two).

This is just one of many methods and i would be really interested in hearing yours in the comments as i am not expert and as we all our, im totally making it up as i go along.

Thankyou for your time. I hope you found this post interesting. If you enjoyed it drop me a like and/or comment. It gives me a good idea of the type of content that my followers prefer 🙂

Have a great day. Stay positive and stay kind.

LilBlu xxx






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