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30DaysWild 2019 : Introduction

For the last 7 or 8 years i have taken part in the Wildlife Trusts challenge 30 Days Wild. They ask you to get out and into nature for every day in June and to record your efforts with photos on social media.

This has always been a great month for me and i love having to think of new ways to keep it fresh and to not just repeat the same things over and over year on year. It also becomes more of a challenge especially as we spend alot of time in nature anyway. So i need to try and think of new things to do to keep it interesting and engaging for us (and you).

This year i am going to blog my efforts in weekly blog posts on here under the theme ‘affordable wildness’. This will demonstrate (i hope) just how do-able and rewarding it is and how it doesn’t have to cost you a penny to take your family out for the day. I think this year this challenge seems more important than ever to promote this. We as a country are becoming more and more awear about the environment and sustainability and this is something i would like to cover during the 30 days and hopefully lay some foundations to change the way i do things and encourage others to follow suit.

I am also going to try something to be more self motivated in this time, as i have reached one of those places in my ‘journey’ where i am comfortable and so could quite easily slip into settling into a simple life. If i am honest with you my goals scare me a little and for some bazaar reason the thought of making them real is terrifying to me. So to help motivate me to achieve them i am going to blog every day, which i expect will become really hard but beneficial as it will keep me organised and focused. I will try not to become too self indulgent and to keep it interesting to you but by combining it with 30DaysWild the two will hopefully help each other.

So if you have any suggestions of things you might like me to cover please do leave it down in the comments section below. I have some plans for life hacks, the 30DaysWild post and maybe some reviews of eco bands and their products but it would be great to know what you would be interested in reading. Let me know your thoughts 🙂

LilBlu xx

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