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Me Time : Looking After You

I posted before about the importance of ‘me time’ and suggested things you could do to help you get time to yourself to help your mental health and well being . As i start to get to grips with my new life as a single mother, the more i personally am starting to appreciate the importance of making time for yourself & having something that is ‘just for you’ . No matter your status, we all need time out to relax and regenerate.

It is equally important to look after yourself in a more generalised sense, especially when you have people who depend upon you. Having strength and good health both physically and mentally is paramount if you are doing it alone or if you have someone, we all need to make an effort to take care of ourselves and i bet none of us feel we do enough. What i am finding is by doing this i am more motivated and have more energy, i am less stressed and irritable and feel generally calmer and happier in myself. It also seems to have my ‘mum brain’ under control which is a MASSIVE plus!

Here are a few of the things i have started doing to help me look after myself.

  • Take Multi Vitamins
  • Drink Water and Green Tea
  • Eat your Fruit and Veg
  • Don’t eat too late (after 9pm)
  • Exercise
  • Get outside more
  • Ditch your car and walk on a regular basis
  • Think positive and set yourself positive goals each week
  • Get health conditions checked out ASAP
  • Treat yourself but do not over indulge
  • Shower/Wash daily
  • Look after your skin, hair & nails
  • Pamper
  • Practice calm breathing.


I am considering giving up coffee too, i certainly need to limit it as i am drinking so much right now it cant be good but im not sure im ready to loose it just yet!

I hope you found this interesting, inspiring even.

Have a great week.


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