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The importance of ‘Me Time’.

People often say to me ‘Nothing worth doing was ever easy’. When you truly want something, it scares you a little, it excites you a lot and it will probably cause you more stress and loss of sleep than anything but it is worth it.

When i started this blog i was in a tough situation and i knew for mine and my daughters own health and well being i had to change this. But when you actually take the plunge to do something about it you can be faced with a whole bunch of emotions you are not ready for. I don’t know if it is because of the situation i left or if this could be a general thing but something i am finding vital to move forwards, is taking a long hard look at my own self and i seeing how doing things ‘just for me’ can be really motivational.

I follow quite a few groups on social media who promote this and who will post reminders to ‘do something for you’. I started small but over the last few weeks i have really started to feel the benefits of it as my mood and motivation improves. Small things you could try are as simple as making sure you take a shower every day or go for a walk outside or spend an hour learning something new like crafts, a language or a new skill. It is the time old trick of ‘turning it on and off again’. These little things shut off your brain and give you a good old reboot and update. It is refreshing & after time really helps you relax and feel more yourself.

With hardship it is easy to forget who you truly are, you become complacent and go into survival mode. You can even doubt your self worth and loose your confidence in your capabilities or start to feel guilty for having a desire to do anything for yourself. But by doing what you love your mind starts to relax, by doing what you love you start to remember who you were and value all you hold dear much more than before. Taking it away and not getting time for you, can make you irritable and stressed. It really is worth implementing ‘me time’ into your life.

So here are a few suggestions that you could try to help you with improving your wellness and motivate you.

  • Realise you are worth it.
  • Start each day with a shower and set a positive goal
  • Don’t hold grudges and learn to walk away
  • Turn off the news & actively search for articles ad reports of kindness & positivity.
  • Stop being a slave to your phone and social media.
  • Go for a walk in nature
  • Start a class or take a course
  • Read a book
  • Mindfulness Colouring books
  • Take photos.
  • Sing out loud
  • Eat and sleep well
  • Exercise
  • Detox and pamper yourself
  • Have an indulgence day (treat yourself)
  • Spend time playing with your kids and get 100% involved.
  • Accept help & charity. There is no shame in talking to a professional.
  • Learn a new skill
  • To do Lists
  • Do everything in moderation and stay humble.
  • 100 happy days challenge. (Focus on the positives)
  • Embrace what you have over what you desire.

Remember looking after yourself is equally as important as looking after others. It is ok to have some down time and want to be alone.

Stay kind, stay humble and stay happy.




2 thoughts on “The importance of ‘Me Time’.

  1. Going out for a walk in the countryside with my boys and putting my phone on airplane mode always sorts me out. I feel so much better afterwards, just a couple of hours with no social media or interruptions to distract us! I use my phone as a camera otherwise I’d leave it at home completely! Thanks for sharing


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