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Rep Life

In August 2018 I took the plunge and became an Avon Rep. You have probally seen those sales posts especially around Christmas ‘would you like to earn some extra cash from home’ and like me you probally ignore them most of the time. For years I was adiment I would never do anything like this, as it was alot of work for very little financial reward. so how did I end up working for Avon?

*Before I start don’t worry this isn’t a sales pitch..

The answer is quite simple, my circumstances changed & so I started to see that doing something like this was quite a good start point & could potentially give me something more than extra cash.

It’s given me confidence, it’s given me a new understanding about how to interact on social media, it’s shown me areas I need to improve and the importance of supporting other small buisnesses. It has NOT given me instant cash, it has not given me a decent wage and it certainly hasn’t been easy.

For me it’s been a stepping stone forwards it’s helped me regain some self confidence and a little bit of financial support. It has also given me access into communities of small buisnesses and see just how many of us are trying to ‘make it work’.

So if you are considering becoming a rep for a larger company my advice would be;

1. Be prepared for long hours for little instant reward.

2. Don’t be too hasty. It takes time to build a client base.

3. Support other small buisnesses. Interact with them by commenting and liking their posts.

4. Don’t expect too much from your employer. It’s your buisness at the end of the day.

5. Remember to do your taxes.

6. Customer service is key. Be personable, flexable but professional.

7. Save your early commission to give you an emergency fund for when customers take the goods and run.

8. Enjoy what you do & see the positives of it are more than financial.

9. Know your buisness. Join rep communities, attend seminars, do online training and personally test your products.

10. Learn who your customers are and remember what they like. So when a promotion comes along, you hit the nail on the head.

Hope this has been helpful.

Keep moving forwards

Mucho Love

LilBlu xxxx

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