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Deterring People

When you are trying your best to move forwards and improve your situation we often will seek the advice and support of others. It is important that we we keep motivated but also that we stay grounded and don’t start running before we can walk. This is when an outsiders opinion can be really valuable. Its always best to listen to what they say, try out some of the things they suggest but remember just because it was right for them or didn’t work for them doesn’t mean that it will be the same for you & if it doesn’t work don’t let it demotivate you. Reassess and try something new and always say thank you & above all be grateful.

Most people will have the best intentions and genuinely want to help you achieve your goals but I am sure you have encountered those people in life who seem to just emulate pessimism and these people can give some really deterring advice without you even asking for it. Sadly in this world there are many people who like to feel and act this way and when they give advice it is done in a very convincing way albeit genuine or a load of bull. These people can also at times become self important and obsessive about the people around them and will often manipulate situations to suit their lives above anything else.  The biggest danger is you do not usually realise the effect their negative attitude is having upon you and so my advice would be to stay alert and wise to the people around you. Keep to your guns, your moral standing and follow your gut instincts. If you are an optimistic person try not to entertain pessimistic advice too often as you will find it draining and distracting from your goals.

I have encountered my fair share of manipulative and controlling individuals and i am sorry to say i have more often than not fallen victim to their pessimism and i do not want to be held back anymore. So now i stay alert, i listen to others with a clear head and i assess the situation i hope that i will reach a solid path to follow.

At this stage of my journey i feel that my lack of self belief and motivation is what is holding me back and so, i hope you can see the relevance of me including it in my blog because it can be very damaging to a person striving to change their stars.

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