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Promoting Kindness

Something i have observed is that kindness is one of the hardest acts to accept. The sad truth is that in the world that we live there are so many people who will use it as a way to draw a person in before taking advantage of their caring nature. I am speaking from experience and i think there a probably very few of us who couldn’t draw on at least one person who has tried this. The sad part of this observation is that more often than not this can dissolve a persons faith in human kindness & from then on they will turn people away to protect themselves & those they love. It is always best to be sensible and safe of course so never put yourself of loved ones in a compromising position but the point i am trying to make is to not let it stop you thinking of others completely.

Helping others is possibly one of the most morally rewarding things you can do and most acts of kindness are done without any thought of them being anything special. It is something that this world really needs more of and it is within our power to all lead by example.  In my journey, promoting kindness was the first step away from rock bottom. It gave me a positive focus during recovery and the opportunity to give something back to those who had helped me. To say thank you. A very powerful phrase. When not used, it can really shake a person & totally demotivate them. When used, it can empower them & help a person to believe in their own abilities. Just remembering to say a simple phrase & mean it can totally change a persons life. As over dramatic as that sounds, it is still true.

For me i took to social media and set up a twitter account@LilBlu’sThankyou . It showed me i am not alone, so many people want to focus on positive stories, people want to see random acts of kindness, people want their faith in humanity restored & that is a service i am happy to provide for everyone’s benefit.  I often feel like an optimist in a world full of pessimists and it can be very draining but i just have this drive to keep pushing forwards.

The world is in a total mess where money and power have the strongest voice and i intend to shout a bit louder not in press conference or a rally or a demonstration but by doing what i can to help others. Using platforms like social media to give something positive to counter act the loonacy and selfishness of the world. It is the simple things in life that are the most important & when faced with your own mortality you fully appreciate that living a good life has nothing to do with fame, power or fortune.

LilBlu xXx



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