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Word Of Advice

We all compare ourselves to other people from time to time & we can really worry ourselves silly about things that our not always within our control. As the years roll along you learn so much through your experiences but it is important to remember that our experiences are just that, ‘our experiences’. Life isn’t text book. It is full of individuals and each person has their own genetic make up, strengths, experiences, feelings, ways of coping. So just because your buddy did, does not mean it will be the same for you. I think we often forget this but i have learnt that if we keep this in mind it is a comfort because we are not failing, we are not wrong and being different is not a bad thing, its is just being individual. From the second we are conceived to the day we die we are just us. Your friends, family are just them, so let them live their own journey their way and stop comparing them to everyone else. We all need that freedom of judgement from ourselves and those around us, because i truly believe it can really hold you back reaching your true potential.

I’ll let you into a little secret, its not just you we are all just winging it. No-one really knows what they are doing the first time round. We are all nervous, we all question our capabilities. But it you can just believe in your abilities & keep pushing yourself forwards and learning from your experiences you will change your stars.

You can do it, i believe in you. xxx

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