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Making Money

It says it all in the title really doesn’t it? Whether you have it or you don’t most of us are always trying to find ways to save it or make more of it. Over the last few months i have found a few ways you can make a little bit of extra cash and i also have some good tried and tested ideas of ways to help save money too.

Sensible Banking

Something we all probably know is important but let slip away from us from time to time but i still try to keep on top of things as it can play a key aspect to your financial situation & knowing you account can help you identify suspicious transactions sooner rather than later or too late. I personally have a ‘spring clean’ of my account every few months. Which includes checking my direct debits and standing orders for any unknown ones or old ones that should have been cancelled and double check for doubled up ones. I also take a look at my spending habits and think of ways i can improve this.  I once noticed just how much we spent on take out for example so we made a deal to ONLY have it on payday. We amazingly stuck to it too. If your accounts are already well maintained then you may not find anything in your spring clean but i once went through an elderly friends with them and found them just over £300 from various refunds from uncancelled DD’s ect. It also unearthed a potential PPI claim that was just over £1000 so i think its a good one to help out a bit.

Sensible Shopping

Just as with your bank account sometimes you can find little ways to reduce your spending during a visit to the shops. One thing is don’t let snobbery get the better of you if you know one shop cost 3 times as much for exactly the same products then go for the cheaper one. Also something i started doing about a year ago was to test out own brand products. What i have found is more often than not they are the same as or even better than the more expensive branded products. In some items too the saving can be much more than you would think. An own brand item that costs £3 could be £7 plus for a branded alternative and if you try it out and it works your weekly shop total will be much nicer to look at at the check out.  Obviously it is not always the case but if it is then why not go with it?

Online Surveys

You may have seen these sites popping up in job searches or in ways to make money online ect. Some work and some don’t , some totally fill you email inbox with junk and others give you something really positive. The ones i have tried and made money from in the past are Valued Opinions & Toluna. They are basically marketing research sites where you take surveys and answer opinion polls in exchange for points, you then save your points and can eventually use them to buy a store voucher or paypal reward. They are not a quick fix though, they are something that you need keep going with then you can earn quite a bit to help you out, especially over Christmas time. One recommendation i would give is to always look for reviews before joining a site & maybe set up a separate email address for them as some do generate alot of unwanted junk emails (not the 2 i mentioned). I am always looking for new ones to try & if i find a gooden i pop a review on for you all so you can give it a go too. I would also suggest to avoid any who are saying to sign up for mystery shopping. They want you to join this page and subscribe to that page to be considered but i know for a fact that some of the companies they are claiming to want mystery shoppers source their own. So its always best to do your research and never pay money up front.


There are a few money making type Apps i have tried so far like Shoppix and Receipt Hog which let you earn points by taking pictures of your receipts each day. Out of the 2 i prefer Shoppix as it is easier to earn points but i think Receipt Hog gets easier once you have reached a certain level, its a bit slow to start with. As with the surveys each of these offer vouchers and paypal rewards. So keep at it and you can earn money just from your old receipts. The other one i have just been recommended by a friend is Job Spotter and this is where you take photos of companies advertising for jobs locally. I am yet to start using this but my friend has earn quite a bit from this and says it is defiantly  worth it. Once i’ve used this for a bit i might give it a review but i hear it is worth checking out. One thing i would recommend though when doing anything like this its always advisable to put a bit of research into the sites or apps you are using to be safe.

Sales Reps

There are many companies who recruit sales representatives to sell their products from home such as Avon, Usborn books, The Body Shop to name a few. These are all well established companies who offer you a commission on each sale. I am an Avon rep & i am loving it. I love the products and feel really confident to get behind them, which for this sort of thing is so important. I am also loving running my own business too after being out of work for so long and feel the work experience i am gaining from this is really important. There are a lot of details to cover in becoming a sale rep or an starting your own business so i think i will leave that for another time in hope i can give some positive advice on the do’s and don’ts, so watch this space.

Penny Jar

Get yourself a penny jar and start collecting up your loose change. It soon mounts up and i am quite often surprised just how much have saved. Most banks will take correctly bagged up change but will only accept 5 bags at a time but they will pay this straight into your account. This is also a good fundraising activity if you wanted to raise money for charity asking friends to donate their penny pots you can make so much for others in need.

There are many other little things you can do for some extra cash here and there but these are just a few i have found useful over the last few years. As time goes on i am sure i will find more and more things to do and write about so if you’re interested i will keep you posted.

Mucho Love

LilBlu xXx


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