LilBlu Life Hack ~ Cold Callers

Just in case you are unsure what a life hack is, its basically a way to make everyday things or situations a little bit easier by using simple ideas we all have access too. Like using cola to clean you toilet bowl, or rubbing vapour rub on your feet (under socks) at night to stop a tickly cough or adding butter to your boiling pasta to stop it sticking. Things like that. I personally love these and if someone recommends something to me i’ll give it a go to see if it helps & if it does i thought i would share that with who ever may be listening.

My first LilBlu life hack is to help with cold callers or unwanted sales calls. They annoy us all to the point most people will not answer the call to an unknown number anymore. At one point it go so bad for me i had to change my number because of the amount of calls i would get in one day. When It started happening again on my new number i suddenly had an idea that has really worked out quite well.  I set up a contact in my phone called Cold Caller and made it a blocked contact each time a number would call me i would google the number to see who it was and if it was one of these callers i would add it to the list. They were then blocked and i got no more calls. Its wonderful and worked much better than the no sales calls thing i signed up to online. I now am quite happy to answer unknown numbers because more often than not they are legitimate callers and if not, i just say thank you but no thank you and block them. Job well done!

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