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Hello, welcome and thank you to those of you who have stumbled upon this little blog in the ever growing see of bloggers. Let me introduce myself.

I am LilBlu (my online name not my real one) am not rich nor famous, I am probably mildly interesting with many interests and opinions but this is something i intend not jabber on about too much. The internet is full of that so i’ll try and give you something a little more positive and less self indulgent.

Life is what it is for us all and for me right now, i want to ‘change my stars’ like the little boy in ‘A Knights Tale’. Though, I don’t wish to be knighted or anything like that, i just want to improve my situation. So my blog will hopefully be a real life account of moving forwards, how you can keep optimistic and push yourself or if not it will more than likely show that what i tried was a load of rubbish and maybe best to by pass that route should you be in the same boat. Either way it might help someone else… Who knows!

Here’s to moving forwards.

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